Sunday, March 7, 2010

I am a Missionary Mom!

Kyle gave a beautiful talk at church on Sunday the 31st of March. His theme was "Come Unto Christ". He told of his experience in Dallas with the homeless man and buying him burritos and giving him a Book of Mormon and driving him to the homeless shelter with a CD of conference talks playing. Mark played a medaly of hymns that was beatutiful and well appreciated by the family. Brother Lloyd Young was the second speaker and paid a very nice tribute to Kyle and talked of "Come Unto Christ" as well.

On Tuesday evening March, 2nd, President Loenard Greer, Bishop Chris Walker, Matthew, Jill, Kevin, Jorgen, Duff, Kyle, and Arlene were present for the setting apart. President Greer invited me to take notes of the prayer which Jill and I did and have transcribed it. I will ask Kyle for permission to post it.

Duff and I drove him to the airport at 7:00 am Wednesday morning the 3rd of March. Of coarse, Duff didn't think he needed to be there more than an hour early. I am in the back seat with my toes curled wondering if he is going to make the flight to Utah. The traffic was terrible and we got to the airport at 7:35. We checked his baggage in to the tune of $60.00 bucks. NOT what we were expecting. Good thing we had extra cash and didn't have to use Kyle's spare $100.00.

Robert and Michelle met him at the airport in Salt Lake to take him to Provo. Kyle arrived early enough that they were able to pick up lunch. A favorite Chinese restaurant of Robert's family was the food of choice. They did take out and went home and met up with Carly and McKenzie.

They drove Kyle to the MTC and at 1:00 pm dropped him, his luggage and a bag of peanut butter cookies off at the door.

I can't believe it! Kyle is gone, at the MTC, not here at the house. His shoes are not piling up by the front door. I don't hear the shower at 6:00 am. I get my car back! But most of all he is happy and doing the Lord's work. Every time we looked at the clock on Wednesday we wondered what he was doing. We haven't heard from him yet, so I am guessing that his P-day is not until next week??? I am thinking that right now he can only write snail mail?? Not sure. I am a new missionary mom and not sure how all this works.


  1. Congratulations Missionary Mom!! Im sure he is busy adjusting and loving the MTC. We will be praying for Elder Madsen everyday!

  2. I'm just so darn excited for him! Can't wait to hear his first letter from his first P-day!

  3. Mom, I am so proud of you for becoming an official 'blogger'... I could cry! :)

    Mmmm, those peanut butter cookies sound good...