Monday, March 29, 2010

Surprise Birthday Breakfast!

He just left.

He just left still dressed in his P.J.s!

He just left with his companion and they were still in P.J.s.

They just left with the District Leader, his companion, and Three Sister Missionaries and they were all still dressed in their P.J.'s.

It was a "surprise birthday breakfast" for all of them (except the sisters .... won't do that to them, but they are such great sports ... and anything for a free breakfast!). Fresh Toast was a hit. Orange J. and Biscuits and gravy usually are, but this Canadian sausage wasn't very good this time. You know its not good when no one offers to take it home as left overs!

Just thought you would like to know. He, Elder Madsen, really is a very happy camper. No need for family at home to feel any concerns about him. He and his Touk are doing just fine. (Greenies always wear touks. They are just way toooooo much fun!) It's only 35 outside right now.

Now I guess you would like to see some pictures.

Coming right up.

Elder L.D. Owens

1 comment:

  1. 35 degrees? No wonder he's wearing a hat--that's like, like, hmm, winter in Canada or something? Good thing he didn't get there in December or January--break him in a little before next year!

    He looks and sounds wonderful! Happy missionary!