Wednesday, June 29, 2011

December 13, 2010

Thigs are going awesome here. So get this, we had
to move out of a member's home because they were
having family come for Christmas. We moved in
with the Assistants to the President!! How rediculously awesome is that? We had the whole "CONDO" to ourselves for a week because they went out training
in BC. When they got back, we had training with
them as well. They told us that they are only doing this special training with certain missionaries and Elder Ashjian and I were picked!

President Archibald has challenged us to dramatically increase our faith. He wanted this to be the "culture" of our mission. Increase our faith and we will find those who want to join the church. The Assistants wanted us to be examples of the "Believers". That as we have
experiences, miracles will happen and we can be the elders that the rest of the mission want to follow.

They challenged us to have 2 investigators a week and 2 baptisms a month. We were flattered they they chose us to be an example. What an awesome responsibility.

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