Thursday, June 30, 2011

May 16, 2011

We had an interesting experience at church this Sunday. We were waiting for things to start when we noticed a guy come in in jeans. His name is Mitchell and is a Catholic. He told us that the Sister Missionaries told him when church started and he decided to check it out. He came to our Gospel Principles class. The lesson was on the Priesthood. In the middle of the lesson he asked us when the Apostasy happened. We explained and he thought it made sense, but he didn't agree! Haha. He thought it was neet that a 13 year old kid would have the guts to give a talk. He did say he was a bit dissapointed with the adults and their reverence. He noticed a lady reading a travel guide and another texting. Bishop wasn't too happy and we were embarrassed. Our Bishop said he would bring it up in Priesthood Meeting!!!!

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