Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sep. 5, 2011

The dinner the Wights made was pretty sweet. It was quite a nice surprise. It was funny because I walked in and I was like "mmmm, smells good!" and then I walked in their kitchen and saw the ribs in the bowl and at first it didn't even occur to me that they had made your recipe. haha. I finally noticed and was like, "hey, wait a minute." and the banana chocolate chip cookies were a nice surprise as well. They did a pretty good job following the recipes too!

We met with a new investigator, Jennifer. It was a lesson to remember. She is great and alot of things have prepared her for meeting with us. She is a very spiritual person and understands everything. The Sisters had given her a Book of Mormon in their first meeting and she has already read through 1st Nephi! She understands and loves it too. She pointed to a whole bunch of stuff she has already highlighted that she liked a bunch. She is super nice and bubbly and has a big smile on her face at all times. She is quite the talker too. She relates to Joseph Smith in that she has been searching to find what God wants her to do in her life. The only unfortunate thing is that her husband is a self-proclaimed atheist. When we asked if she believed the Book of Mormon to be true she said that she hadn't received an answer yet. We challenged her to baptism, but she feels that she has already been saved and the baptism she already received is good enough. However, she completely understands what we are there for and she says that she is the type of person that follows the promptings that God gives her, she said she may fight it for a while, but she eventually does. (don't we all do that somtimes as well? haha) Right now we don't have an appointment set with her, but we will head over there soon. She just wants time to digest it all.

We've had some pretty cool miracles happen this week too. Eden Brown and member from Toronto, came to church and asked us to visit with his nonmember son who just moved to Okotoks. We went over Monday night and we were invited right in and they fed us shish-ka-bobs and we had a good chat we hope to pick them up as investigators soon.

We also got a referral from the church. Tommy. He has been inactive and told missionaries in Calgary that he wants to become active again. He just recently went through a divorce and he has custody of his children. We are pretty excited about this new contact.

Still working with Billy and Carmen. Waiting to hear back from the paperwork on his divorce. And Holly has officially moved. I gave her my facebook information so that when I get home I can keep in contact.

That's officially how my week has gone. I'm doing really good and I am very happy. I love my mission and the experiences that I am having. I am not having very much success as far as baptisms go, but I am having a lot of great experiences!

Love Elder Madsen

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