Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov, 14, 2011

Not much to report. Our work with Chassidy is going slow. She has to leave to go to Edmonton to help take care of a sick sister. She told us that she wanted to pick up after Christmas. We were devistated. We told her that if she wants to make changes in her life she needs to make it a priority. She agreed. She thinks she will be back in a week and we will check up on her then.

On a brighter note, Elder Atwood and I contacted a few more people this week that we haven't met before. We shared the Restoration with 2 young women in the park and passed their info to two other Elders. We also met a man who was in a hurry, but was interested in hearing what we had to say. We got his contact information and will get with him shortly.

Nothing else with our other investigators, but life is good. We are keeping our chins up and working hard!!!

Gotta go, I love you and I'll talk to you later!!! Elder Madsen

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