Monday, November 14, 2011

Oct. 31, 2011

So, first of all, today is transfers, and last Friday I found out that I am training again!!! I guess the Lord trusts me as this is the 3rd time in a row that I am training a new missionary. I am really excited to train, it is hard but rewarding.

We dropped by the house with all the Phillipinoes this week. They all work at Wendy's on the other side of town and they work 11 to 14 hours. It is hard to get them all there. One of the lady housemates was home and we taught her the Restoration on the doorstep. I sware, we are going to teach them all individually before we even have another appointment set. It has been great.

We are still working with Chassidy. Keep praying for her.

I love you and I will talk to you next week!!! love you!!! Elder Madsen

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