Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dec. 5, 2011

Hi Mom!!!

This weeks was pretty great! We found two new investigators who we are going to pass to other Elders, but it was great. The first ws a refferal that we received from church. His name is Jeramy and is about 16. His friend is in our ward and was invited over for dinner and a lesson. The family was worried about how it was going to go. They thought he might be argumentative, so we were prepared. Things couldn't have been better. he didn't argue, but listened intently and seemd to be sincere. He told us that he is searching for what God wants for him and is willing to give our Church a shot. He didn't accept the baptismal challenge but did take the Book of Mormon and is reading it. We will be passing him to Elder Henderson and Garner this week.

The second person is a young woman named Kristy. In our ward there is a young man named Mack who invited his less active sister to meet with us and two weeks ago we met with her and she has desires to change her life. Then this past Monday we had another lesson with her and her brother but this time she invited Kristy along to take the lessons with her. Kristy is a good friend of their family and has been very impressed with their parents lifestyle and has strong desires for a stable life and happy family. We'll be passing her as well this week to Elder Evans and Elder Bartholemew.

I got the package from the Evansons and I love the Christmas tree. I am so glad that you were able to meet up with them in Queen Creek. How awesome. Thanks so much!

K so the Christmas call is coming soon and there is only one p-day that I can corrdinate with you. I'll email my number then just in case I get transferred next week. We have between 10 and 2. Love you!

Elder Madsen

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