Thursday, February 2, 2012

catching up

Elder Madsen has been busily working the past month keeping his mind and spirit on Missionary Work. Each week we receive letters telling us he is not "trunky" and that he is still working hard.

This last week was transfers and he didn't get sent away. His new companion is Elder Smith who has been out for a few months. Kyle says he is going to "die" in this area.

Elder Madsen and Elder Smith have been teaching several people, one of whom is a young boy named Brendin. Brendin wants to join the church but his mother is against it. Everyone is praying and fasting that his mother will have a change of heart.

One teaching contact Kyle had several months ago was a less active family who's children hadn't been bapatized. Elder Madsen has since learned that they have been baptized. He is quite excited about this news.

Each week brings him seven days closer to returning home. Duff and I, as well as Kyle, are excited and anxious for his return. But on one hand we all know that the blessings that we have received as a family because of his service will end. We will have to come up with other ways to warrant such blessings.

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