Wednesday, March 24, 2010

E-mail from Kyle! He has arrived in his new area!

Hello there everybody! It's official, this is my first day in the mission field :) Sister Archibald will be sending you guys a postcard and a photo of me, Pres. and Sis. Archibald in the mail soon. It's been great so far! I've got my new companion, Elder Crippen. Everybody is saying we were "meant to be together" for some reason. I think I remember somebody saying he was a very "outspoken person." haha! I think I can tell we are goin' to be an awesome companionship.

Our apartment rocks too. Its just us two, and it used to be a Sister apartment so it's nicer than the Elder ones. hehe One thing that's crazy out here is everything is a lot more expensive than in the US. I think everything jumps up about 30% or something like that. Like, Milk is around 96 cents a liter, so it's pretty crazy. Well I sent you a letter right before I left so I'll let you read that to get caught up and I'll write to you next Wednesday to say how well my first week went. :) I love you all! Let me know how everything's goin' out there and send my love!

Elder Madsen

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