Wednesday, March 24, 2010

E-mail from Elder/Sister Owens

This e-mail we just received about Kyle's arrival today in his first area. Lethbridge, Canada

NEWS !!!! News from Elder and Sister Lanny D. Owens from Mesa, Az.

Hello to the families of 4 new Elders who have arrived in Lethbridge Canada. This first note is just a short note to let all of you know that your incredible sons have arrived sound and safe. We have them getting settled down with their new companions. Minor, but highest priority for them, is food. (What's with that!?) You will be pleased to know that your sons are living in very comfortable conditions and each of them have WONDERFUL companions.. We've taken a few pictures, but there isn't time enough right now to down load and attach them to this note. We'll try to get to that later tonight.

My wife and I are the only Sr. Proselyting couple in the mission. We arrived the lst week of January 2010. We don't get transferred. The Mission President has asked us to work with the 7 YSA wards. Elder Whiting and his companion also work 2 YSA wards.

We are excited to have them working in our side of the Lethbridge zone. That means that they get to come here often for 9:00 PM hot chocolate. My middle name is "harasser". They will be getting a lot of it from us. .... all in good fun, of course.

If you have and questions, let us know. They can't email until next Wednesday , but ..... WE CAN, because we are "Seniors" ! Yahooo !!!!

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