Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Letters home from Elder Madsen.

Here are a few experiences that Kyle has shared in his letters.

Anyways, life is going really good these days. I really love being here on a mission. So did I tell you that the other day we made the stuffed shells at a member family's house? It was a lot of fun. Elder Crippen says that missionaries start getting nick names here in the mission eventually depending on who you are and what you do mostly. That’s how most of em differentiates between elders who have the same last names haha. He says that I'll either be known as "Cooking-Madsen" or "Shoe-Madsen" hahaha! Think those fit me well?
No, I have no idea what elders had the Colorado Oysters. And I'm pretty sure they are still called rocky mountain oysters too. Canadians call a lot of things differently out here. They don't say things like "valley." they say "coolie." and the other day a member was talking about the Gila Valley temple in AZ and he pronounced it "Ghee-lah" Valley haha! I corrected him and said it's "Hee-lah" Valley. :)
So Transfers are pretty big this time. Elder Crippen is getting moved because his sister is moving into Lethbridge which means he's not my companion anymore :(. I'm staying and my new companion's name is Elder Hurley. I can't really picture anybody but Hurley from LOST when I see that name so hopefully he's not a huge guy that eats all my food. :)


Hi Family!

K so not much has happened so here's a list of cool things/miracles that happened for the week:

1: new Comp. and he's crazy. haha He's from Idaho Falls and we were best friends by the time we went to sleep day one. :)

2: another successful 7-day challenge happened and we're meeting the family's friend today for FHE. :)

3: we had a great lesson with Bro. Tsui. I'm pretty sure I told you all about him in my emails and stuff but we got him to understand personal revelation and learned that he has a desire to keep learning that God exists and also more about the Gospel.

4: Page and Kelsey from our pervious 7-day challenge with some members have been reading the Books of Mormon that we gave em and they're in like Alma already!

5: I got your package in the mail and the Oreos are already gone. haha I'm sooooo glad you sent me a bunch of bags of sunflower seeds though. That’s awesome. :)

Alright so one of my fillings popped out again... I'm calling a denstist in our 9th ward today to set up an appoinment. Don’t worry it doesn't hurt it's just sensative to temperature changes. And yes I'm flossing and brushing everyday. It was the floss that pulled out my filling. haha

Anyways I love ya'll and I'll talk to you later! The Church is True!


Hi Mom and Dad!

This week was pretty good. Cool story of the week: Yesterday I was asked to give a baby blessing! haha It was pretty random. This less-active lady who we've never seen before came up to us 10 minutes before church started and was like, can you bless my baby? haha So I did it and it was really awesome. I felt really promtped to bless him with the gift of charity as he grows up. That he will be the person that helps other people and puts his family first.

So this transfer is almost over in about 2 weeks and chances are that'll I'm getting shipped outta here. I really love Lethbridge but I think it's definitely time to move on. I already feel like the purpose that I was sent to fulfill here in Lethbridge has been accomplished. And that was to help Brother Wilkinson. It's seriously so amazing to see the growth that he's gone through in the last few weeks.

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