Saturday, July 31, 2010

1st Transfer to Cardston, Alberta on 7-28

After working hard and enjoying the first 4 months in beautiful Lethbridge, Kyle has now a new area and companion in Cardston, Alberta. Located just 15 miles north of the Montana border near the Glacier National Park. In his letter this week he said that he loved Lethbridge and the members and the work was great, but that he was excited and ready for a new challenge in a new area! He will miss his companion Elder Hurley and he is sure that their "gators" are in good hands.

His new companion is Elder Nelson. Brother Owens said that he was really going to miss his good friend! We are sure that he will miss them even more! They were really kind and caring to him and their Elders! We love and appreciate all that they have done for him. Thank You

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