Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kyle flys off to Canada!

Kyle must have had to rise early to catch his flight out to the mission field! (Up at 2:00am and on the shuttle by 3:00am) He and his group of 3 other Elders had to be at the airport by 4:00am to catch a flight at 6:00am for Minneapolis, MN. They then caught another flight to Calgary arriving at 1:00pm local time.

They were to have been picked up and to spend the day in training and orientation at the mission home today. They were having meetings with the mission home staff which probably included the health nurse, motor pool and housing coordinators. They were also meeting with the Mission Pres. and Sister Archibald who welcomed them to their new mission home!

Later in the afternoon their new senior companions were to arrive and join with them in an evening fireside. After a nights rest, tomorrow morning, they will be departing to travel to their new assigned areas.

Kyle's P-Day will be on Wednesday. If anyone would like to write to his e-mail address he will receive them on Tuesday and he can respond on his P-day. We probably won't hear from him now until next week as he will be traveling to his area and getting settled in.

We are very excited for him and know that he is ready to go to work! He loved the
MTC training but after the 3 long weeks we are sure that he was more than anxious to get on that plane and fly away to Canada.

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